The Coll Magazine

The Coll Magazine, published annually from 1983 to 2006, was the creation of its foundation editor, Pat Barr, a writer by profession, who spent her summer months in Coll every year. Her aim was to present the island's way of life and its history by encouraging islanders and descendants of islanders to write and submit for publication their reminisces, family stories and local histories. It was a quality publication and an outstanding achievement for a small island community. Its demise is mourned by descendants of Collachs world-wide.

The introductory pages of the the first (1983) issue of The Coll Magazine and some later articles of particular interest to historians and genealogists can be downloaded from the table below.

Complete back issues of the magazine from 1983 to 2004 can be downloaded at https://collmagazine.visitcoll.co.uk/

The late Betty MacDougall, proud Collach, highly respected historian, genealogist and author, and contributor of many articles to The Coll Magazine, may be better known by her married name, Elizabeth MacRae, to the people overseas with whom she corresponded.

No. Title Year Author(s)
1. First Issue 1983. The Schools of Coll in the "Good Old Days" 1983 Betty MacDougall
2. Farming on Coll, 1764 1984 Margaret M McKay
3. Centenary of the Free Church of Coll 1984 Betty MacDougall
4. The Church of Scotland on Coll 1986 Betty MacDougall
& Juliana Nichols
5. Of Shielings, Shinty and Sabbaths 1986 Betty MacDougall
6. Sorisdal 1988 Betty MacDougall
7. Old Arinagour 1989 Betty MacDougall
8. A Sad Farewell to Coll in 1837: The Sailing of the "Brilliant" for New South Wales 1990 Marjories McLean Foster
9. Emigration Series Part 1: The "Economy" of 1819 1993 Betty MacDougall
10. Emigration Series Part 2: The "Skelton" and the "John Dunscombe" 1994 Betty MacDougall
11. Emigration Series Part 3: Emigration...and Return - the "Brilliant" and the "George Fyffe" 1995 Betty MacDougall
12. Emigration Series Part 4: Notes on Emigration to Canada and Australia 1996 Betty MacDougall