Obituaries and Personal Notices
Obituaries and personal notices about natives of Coll in British or overseas newspapers. New entries are welcome at any time.
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No. Year Subject Newspaper
1. 1901 Mrs Finlay McInnes (Flora McFadyen): obituary The Advertiser (Adelaide, South Australia)
2. 1904 Mrs J McDougall (Marion McKinnon): obituary The Register (Adelaide, South Australia)
3. 1904 Hugh McKinnon: obituary Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW)
4. 1914 Lachlan McKinnon, brother of Hugh Mckinnon (3): death notice Sydney Morning Herald (NSW)
5. 1919 John Beaton: obituary The Capricornian (Rockhampton, Queensland)
6. 1924 Mrs Christina Stewart: death notice The Horsham Times (Victoria)
7. 1926 Mrs Isabella Cameron (nee McDougall): obituary Border Watch (Mount Gambier, South Australia)
8. 1928 Cottham Walter Maclean: obituary Townsville Daily Bulletin (Queensland)